Elk View Scenic Byway – Breathitt, Knott and Perry Counties, Kentucky

elk.jpgElk View Scenic Byway – Breathitt, Knott and Perry Counties, Kentucky

Start your trip to the Elk View Scenic Byway at the Breathitt County visitor Center near Quicksand.  You will continue on your way eastward into Knott County past Elk View Drive where a second elk view station is located to help you see these magnificent animals.

Then you can go southeast to Highway 80 and then west on Highway 80 past the site of Saddle UP Elk Tours where you can ride horses to see elk.  Go east to Highway 15 north back into Breathitt County and you wll end up at the Visitor Center there.  It’s a stunning trip, one that you will truly enjoy.

While on your trip you will see meandering creeks on both sides of Highway 1098.  There are also ponds that add to the beauty of the area regardless of the time of year.  There are a number of swinging bridges for you to see and use to ford the river.  If you have never been on a swinging bridge it will be a great experience, one that you will remember for years.

See the barns, churches, historic general store, historic school house and of course the beauty of the area.

There are hundreds of miles of both horseback and ATV trails in the area which parallels the highway but give you the opportunity to see things from a totally different perspective.  When you are on horseback the ride is more leisurely giving you more time to see nature at its best.

The elk were reintroduced into the mountains of eastern Kentucky in the late 1990’s.  Since that time the herd has grown to nearly 10,000.  Now there are more elk in Kentucky than anywhere else east of the Rocky Mountains.  You can view and learn about the elk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the elk viewing stations.

Not only are elk roaming in the area there are also free-roaming horses at South Fork Elk View Station in Breathitt County.  It is estimated that there are nearly 400 horses in this area all roaming free.  What a great site!

You will enjoy seeing the unique rock formations that are along the route.  The detail of nature and man in the cutting of the rocks to make the highway are interesting to view.

This makes a Kentucky vacation totally different than many other vacations you can take.  You will be out in nature, seeing beautiful animals, being exposed to nature in a manner that is not available to those that whiz by in their cars and don’t take the time to see the beauty.  Enjoy the experience.