Have Fun with Horses at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington

A visit to Kentucky isn’t complete until you spend some time with horses, and the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington is one of the best places to do so. At the Kentucky Horse Park, you can explore museums, learn about and see nearly 50 breeds of horses, take a horse drawn trolley ride, and of course, ride horses. 

One of the biggest attractions at the Kentucky Horse Park is the International Museum of the Horse.  Exhibits trace the entire 55-million year history of horses. There are displays covering everything from horse-drawn carriages to competitions, horse racing and equine art.  There is also an entire museum at the Park dedicated to the American Saddlebred, Kentucky’s first native horse breed.   

Once you’ve learned all about the history of horses and the unique American Saddlebred, you can head to the Breeds Barn to see an outstanding variety of horse breeds, all in one location.  During the spring through fall season, you can watch the Parade of Breeds.  This is an exciting presentation of select breeds that includes costumed riders.  Following the show, you can meet the horses and riders, take photos and pet your favorite horse.  

In addition to a startling array of breeds, the Kentucky Horse Park is also home to many racing champions.  At the Hall of Champions, you can see famous thoroughbred race horses as well as champion pacers and Saddlebreds.  Several champions are featured in daily shows throughout the spring to fall season.  

If you like large horses, you’ll love meeting the variety of draft horses that live and work at the Kentucky Horse Park.  You can watch as these gigantic breeds are groomed and harnessed in the morning, and then take a tour of the Park on a Horse Drawn Trolley ride.  Visitors can also see draft horses relaxing on their days off in the Carriage Horse barn.  

Horseback riding is also available at the Kentucky Horse Park.  There is a guided trail ride that is perfect for first time riders, and pony rides are available in the pony paddock for children.  

If you happen to visit the Kentucky Horse Park in the spring, you can see adorable new foals and their mothers in paddocks and stalls.  A Mare and Foal Show is held daily from May 31 through July 31. During this special presentation, the moms and their babies are brought to the barn where you can meet them up-close.  

There is so much to do and see at the Kentucky Horse Park, it’s a terrific place to spend more than one day.  There is a variety of camping options available at the Park for visitors who wish to spend more time enjoying the horses and attractions.  

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